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I apologize for the lack of Friday Favourites this week.  I am experiencing technical difficulties with my computer.  I will hopefully get the problem dealt with quickly and be back online very soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Friday Favourites

Today’s favourites!

1) This gorgeous quilt over at the empty bobbin.  It was featured this past week over at Sew Mama Sew and I can see why!  All I can say is WOW! It looks like it was a ton of work, but so worth it!!!  I hope one day I can make something like this!

2) Pie. MMMmm!  I don’t think I could pick a favourite kind.  I had some strawberry rhubarb pie last night and it was very yummy.  I wanted to have some for breakfast too, but then I would have to give some to the kids as well and that would be setting a bad example.  I have only made a couple pies before.  Maybe this is something I could spend some time learning to make this year.

3) I love these sweet little dresses over at kojodesigns.  Actually, I am so excited to discover this blog in general!  It’s now been added to my blog reading list! Anyway, these dresses look like are pretty simple to make and they are so pretty.  I might have to try making a few.  That is one of the great things about having three daughters.  I get three tries to make some things and by the end I am an expert!

4) Okay, this is a very useful thing to be able to make!  I really don’t like flip flops on young kids because they are always falling off.   The kids love them though.  This wonderful, creative woman at shannonmakesstuff (her name is Shannon, of course) was super awesome and put up a tutorial to make these fantastic straps to keep those darn flip flops on your kids’ feet!  Shannon, in my books, you totally rock!  Thanks so much for posting this!!!

5) A big, beautiful field full of flowers!  Whenever I see one, I just want to sit down and relax.  Have a picnic.  Take some pictures of the kids playing in the field.  And if there is sunshine, then it makes it all that much better.

Have a great weekend!

(All photos courtesy of sites mentioned)

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A Lucky Find

I had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of a huge stash of fabric.  It was posted in the local free ads and I jumped at the chance of possibly finding something good in the stash.

There was so much fabric!  Two garbage bags jam packed!  I managed to sort through it and ended up keeping about half of what was in there.  A lot of plain fabric.  Some knits.  I have never sewn with knits before so thought this would be good for learning on.  There were a few fun and pretty fabrics in there too though.

Here are a few of my favourites….

I love these pretty girly prints.  I have three daughters, so I am sure I can find something to make with these lovelies!

This might be my very favourite in the whole stash!  There is not very much of it though.  I am wondering what I could make with it?

Okay, I agree, this one is a little funky.  I thought it might make a fun bag or purse.

This one I grabbed for my husband who loves John Deere stuff.  I haven’t a clue what I would make him.  Any ideas?

When I first saw this one I thought “Wow!  That’s ugly!”  But then I just couldn’t get rid of it.  There is something about it.  The colours and pattern are so fun.  I wonder how I will end up using it?

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Wow!  How did I miss Friday?  It is amazing how fast all these days fill up with things that keep us busy!

So, here are Friday’s Favourites…on Saturday!

1) My husband.  I have not even mentioned him before and he is everything to me.  He is one of the most kind, thoughtful, caring, hardworking, dedicated, considerate people I know.  And yes, I know he is a gold mine!  He is incredibly handsome too!  Back off ladies – that man is mine!

2) The 10-minute headband.  Many thanks to Heather at Blue Bird Studio for putting up this tutorial.  I needed to make a quick gift for today, so last night I whipped up a quick skirt and made a matching headband.  It took me all of an hour to measure, cut and sew the whole thing.  Considering I started it at 9:00 at night, this was a very good thing!

Cute, aren’t they?

3) Cinnamon buns.  I love to eat them when they are all warm and gooey.  I cut a little piece and put a tiny but of real butter on it.  Yum!

4) Music.  There are so many songs I love. I love being musical and having musical people in my family.  I love that I can sit at a piano and play something.  I love that I was given the gift of being able to sing.  I am far from a concert pianist and far from an opera singer.  I have been blessed with enough of a gift to not embarrass myself though.  And to me, that is good enough.

5) Camping.  I think some people are the camping kind and some are not.  I love camping.  I love getting away from all the gadgets and gizmos that crowd our lives.  I love getting back to the basics.  I will admit to being a bit of a ‘wimpy camper’ though.  I like camping best if there is a shower and a flush toilet near by!!!  I absolutely insist that at the very least there is an outhouse.  This princess needs a throne.

So, there are my favourites for today.  What are some of your favourites?

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The Bag: Take Two

I got it done! I made another bag. This time with a longer strap. Now I am worried that the strap is TOO long! I guess I will find out when I give the bag to my friend.

This bag went together so nicely. I made it with a magnetic snap this time and I really like that change. I was able to get the snap lined up no problem. This was great for the confidence since the last time I did a magnetic snap it did not turn out quite right.

Here is the completed bag!

I love the way this bag hangs. It is nice and casual, yet still very pretty.

Two things did occur to me when I was making this bag.

1) I prick myself an awful lot.  Whether I am pining  things in place or hand sewing, I am constantly pricking myself.  I’m really not sure if this is just me, or part of the hobby itself.

2) I might need to make myself a pin cushion.  It really is much easier to grab the pins when they are in a pin cushion.  This is quickly becoming very clear to me.  I had to put a lot of pins in this bag.  Would you like to see the ‘pin cushion’ I used?

In case that wasn’t quite clear from the picture, that is my COUCH !  Time to add a pin cushion to the list of things I would like to make.

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The Swap

If you remember, I love fruit and veggie hats. Well, I have a friend who is an AMAZING knitter and she really liked the Phoebe bag that I had made earlier.

She found this pattern and asked if I could make it for her. I was not so sure about doing the oval bottom and the gathering, so I found this pattern that is similar to the one she liked, but a bit closer to where my purse sewing skills are.

So, a deal was made. I would make her a bag and she would make my baby girl a hat. Great deal!

So, I drew up the pattern for the bag. Honestly, it took me a couple tries to do this. I have never drawn up a pattern before, and although I would not think it was too hard, drawing a pattern on the back of Christmas wrapping paper was not as easy as it looked. Not too bad, but it did take me a couple tries to get it right.

So with the lovely fabric cut out, I sewed a bag. With just a couple finishing touches to do (sewing on the button and hand stitching a couple of seams closed), the bag looked like this.

Now, I’ll admit, it looks pretty good! BUT… and this is a HUGE but… it was supposed to be a bag she could sling across her body. Oops! I somehow – no doubt due to severe lack of sleep – forgot to make a long strap! No clue how I did that, but it happened!

So, back to the drawing board I go – literally! This one will have a magnetic snap closure. I did catch my mistake with the first bag before I put the snap in, so I was able to add the loop for a button closure. Now I still have the snap for ‘The Bag: Take Two’.

Well…. back to the sewing machine I go…..

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Well, not much sewing going on these days. We have a busy household and are even busier now as we are in the process of decluttering, organizing and even painting in our home!

Here are this week’s Friday Favourites:

1) The Griffin and Sabine Series by Nick Bantock. Have you read these? I have read them a few times and I love them! They are written in the form of postcards and letters, so you are ‘snooping’ to learn the story of the characters. The artwork is beautiful as well. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to give it a try. It is a super fast read and you will have no problem fitting this reading into your busy life.

2) I wish I found this pattern before Easter!

Isn’t it the cutest bunny?  Perfect for a baby!  You could even put a bell or a rattle inside it!  And the best part?  It’s made from a recycled T-shirt!  Gotta love it!  You can find the tutorial for this clever little project over at Chez Beeper Bebe.  Looks like a great blog and I’m thinking it might be a new one for me to follow – like I need more!!!  She has a great little Etsy shop too where you can buy some of the many wonderful things this lady makes.

3) Another thing to add to my list of things I want to make – fabric boxes!

I really like that you can make them in any colour or pattern that you can find at the fabric store (or online!).  I like that they are soft and if one of your kids decided to whack one of their siblings on the head with it, maybe there won’t be quite so many tears.  I like that they appear to be relatively easy to make.  There is a great little tutorial at It’s All About the Journey… The picture here shows the boxes that she made.

4) Menu Plan Monday at I am an Organizing Junkie.  If you are ever in a meal rut and need something new, just head to this site.  There are literally hundreds of meal plans you can access!  I am so grateful for this site!!!

5) When your day has been crazy busy and you are just exhausted.  The kids are finally in bed and as you tip toe past the bedrooms, you see one of the most beautiful things in the world and it makes everything completely worthwhile…….

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