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Looking for something quick and easy to make for dinner, I came across this great recipe at allrecipes.com.   This was the easiest thing to make and it was so yummy and refreshing!  I’m not a microwave cooker though, so just steamed the veggies in my steamer.  Check it out! Sorry, I never thought to take a picture, so you will just have to make it to see how it looks.  Haha!


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Peasant Top Disaster!

Okay.  Maybe disaster is too strong of a word.

You see, I found a tutorial online for a peasant top. I thought I would give it a try. They look pretty quick to make up.  I have never sewn sleeves before and –WOW! – this top did not turn out at all for me!

I want to start by saying that this was not the fault of the kind person who made this tutorial. In fact, I suspect it is a very good tutorial. I am simply new to sewing and don’t always get measurements right. I have never done an armhole measurement and, well, I was way off for this project!

Will I try again? Yes. Will I try right away? NO!

I am considering the fact that maybe, just maybe, I should sew some clothes using patterns.

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy a picture of my ‘creation’.

I would like to add that I have not hemmed this shirt and I am considering whether or not to even bother.  What do I even do with this shirt now?  Do I finish it and send it off to the local thrift store and hope that it finds someone that it actually fits?  Do I cut it up and use the fabric in some other project?  What fate will this sad peasant top have?

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My youngest daughter recently turned one!  What a bittersweet day this was for me.  I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone by and I feel so sad about that.  I am also so proud of all she has learnt and all she can do now!

I am sad when I think of how tiny she was as a newborn and how I can’t remember how it felt to hold her in my arms and how much space she took up in my arms.  I miss her newborn grunts, stretches, yawns and her little froggy sleeping position.

I am so happy when I see how much she’s grown and how healthy she is and all she can do!  She can make animal sounds and say ‘hi’ and ‘bye-bye’.  She can clap, and crawl and even cruise!  She will look at us and start laughing and laughing because she is trying to get us to play with her.  She is so precious, she just melts my heart!

I also see the toddler coming out in her now.  She has tantrums when she is told no or if something is taken away from her that she should not have.  It makes me laugh!

Sometimes she will be sitting on our living room floor looking at a book and she will be pointing to the pages and babbling away.  She pulls herself up to stand at the piano and stretches up onto her tippy toes to reach the keys.  She plays a few notes then sweetly sings ‘ya-ya-ya’.  I can not get enough of her!

I love her chubby little feet and her chubby little knees and the rolls all over the place.  I love that she still fits in my arms and loves to curl up into a little ball on my lap for a snuggle before she goes to bed.  I love that she gives me (and her Daddy and her sisters) kisses now!  She makes us all so happy and so proud!

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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A Couple More Creations

I have been so terrible at posting lately!  I guess having the kids home for the summer is keeping me busy.

I finished the purse for my other daughter.  She loves it even though I am not super happy with how it turned out.  Although the fabric was all the same width, the flap looks too wide.   I am also thinking a bit of interfacing might have made the purse a bit better.  The important thing though is that my daughter is thrilled with it.  She picked the fabric out herself and that was very exciting for her too!

I also make a quick top out of a pillowcase.  I had picked up a couple pillowcases at the second-hand store about a month ago and thought I would try making a pillowcase dress out of an actual pillowcase.  This particular pillowcase had a large piece of fabric that folded in at the open end so I just cut it off and made a tank top out of it.  I love how fast it is to make pillowcase tops and dresses.  Even with having to hem this one and make the ribbon, I whipped this up in about an hour.

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Sewing Dreams

I love learning to sew.  The projects just keep coming and swirling in my head.  I have so much I want to try to so many projects I want to do.

I really want to learn to sew with knits.  I have never done it and feel a little intimidated.  One day I will just have to jump in and try it.  Check out these dresses over at The Train to Crazy !

(photo via The Train to Crazy)

Oh how I wish I could sew something like that!  I love knits!  I love to wear knits.  My kids love to wear knits.  I really need to learn to sew with knits.

I want to sew baby shoes.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sew your baby shoes to match every outfit she owns?!

I want to sew some shirts for myself.  I am finding that since I have started learning to sew, I am not all that impressed with a lot of the stuff in the stores.  It would be great to be able to find patterns and fabrics that I love and sew something special just for me.  Could I sew something that fab though?  Hmm… well, I’m not so sure!

I want to sew pretty bibs.  I will need a snap tool and have to learn how to put in a snap.  My little one pulls all of her bibs off.  They are all velcro.  I definitely should make some bibs with snaps.

I want to make some pretty baby blankets.  I don’t need any more baby blankets.  I just want to make some. They are all so cute and so cozy looking!

I want to make a quilt.  I want to make a very special quilt for my hubby.  He is the love of my life and he would love to have a quilt.  He asked if I would make him one one day.  It would be great to surprise him with one for Christmas.  Not likely to happen this year.  Nice to think about though.

I think the next bit of sewing I will do is to make a peasant top.  I am going to make it for me.  I love sewing for my kids, but could really use some new tops, so I think this is one I will make for myself.  I’ll just use some of the fabric I have had passed on to me.  I always want to buy yards and yards of pretty fabric, but I have a lot of fabric around here that I should try to use.

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At the start of summer vacation, one of my daughters wrote me a list of all the things she would like to do over the summer. I have been trying to make most of those wishes come true. Some of the things on her list are –

*Go to a water park
*Go to the beach
*Visit Grandma and Grandpa
*Go Camping
*Go to the swimming pool
*Have chocolate chip Smartie pancakes
*Go to the petting zoo
*Buy a pet (this one is not going to happen unless it’s something like sea monkeys)
*Have a water balloon fight
*Have a Nutella sandwich
(and there is about 10 more things… mostly to do with local attractions)

We took the kids camping this past weekend and they had a really great time. A friend of theirs was also camping there, so that made it all the better. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We ate pancakes for breakfast. And Mom and Dad got to enjoy some weak, but still appreciated percolated coffee (I really have to learn how to make it better!).

We have done a few more things on the list too. Today was Nutella sandwich day! I don’t normally feed my children stuff like this. I make them eat pretty healthy and they get the odd treat. It’s summer vacation though! Time to do something fun and out of the ordinary! So Nutella sandwiches it was. They thoroughly enjoyed it and asked if they could try Nutella and banana sandwiches tomorrow. I’m thinking I might just make them fried Nutella and banana sandwiches for breakfast. Not my thing, but I think it might just be right up their alley!

I, personally, like the taste of Nutella. The same filling that goes into their yummy Ferrero Rocher chocolates. But put it on bread or toast? That just wrecks it! Once the kids are in bed, hubby and I will be eating it from a spoon!!!

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A Little Bit of Sewing

We have been having a great time this summer. Finding fun things to do. I have managed to fit in a couple small sewing projects though.

I made this ball for my baby girl. I put a bell inside it and she just loves playing with it! There was just one little problem with it – let’s see if you can spot it.

Yes, it is more football shaped than I had thought it would be. Not too big of a deal. It doesn’t seem to make much of a difference to my little one.

The other project I got to was making a little tote bag style purse for my oldest daughter. She saw this rainbow tote bag when we were in Disneyland for somewhere in the $30 range. I told her that it was not Disney themed and maybe Mommy could sew her one up when we got home. She was so excited when she saw the fabric I picked up and then asked if I could put pockets in the inside and have pencil pockets too! How could I say no?

Now I have another bag to sew.  You know how it is – if you sew one for one child, then you must sew one for the other child.  I’m going to make hers different from her sisters.  Smaller, because she is a smaller girl, and probably more purse-like since she is a bit more of a girly girl.

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