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A Super Gift!

I have two incredible, energetic, hilarious nephews. While browsing through the many blogs I frequent I came across this. WOW!  The perfect gift!

Although the stocking making ended up taking up all my homemade gift time (sorry friends and family – I’ll start sooner next year!), there was no way I was going to let these fall off the list too.  So I got the stocking to the point I could hang it up (although not completely done) and in two evenings I whipped up these awesome capes!

Wishing you all a SUPER Christmas!


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Yes, the stocking is hung by the chimney with care. We all know that Saint Nicholas soon will be here!

I managed to get the stocking sewn together so that Santa will be able to fill it.  It is not completely finished, but at least it can now be hung up for Santa.  I still have a snowman to sew and place in Santa’s arms, a pom-pom on Santa’s hat and a bell to put on the snowman’s hat.  I have a couple of gifts to sew and then I will continue to work on the stocking.  With any luck it will be completely done before Santa arrives on Christmas Eve.

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Things are progressing with the stocking. I still do not have the front and back put together, but I am not far from that. I have a couple of candy canes to make and attach and then a bunch of peppermint candies to make and attach. I will then be able to sew the front and back together. The stocking will not be done at that point, but at least we can still hang it up for Santa to fill. I am hoping to sew it together by tomorrow night.

Once I get to that point, I plan on taking a break to sew a couple of superhero capes. After that, I will continue on the stocking. With any luck, the stocking will be done before Santa comes on Christmas Eve (how many days are left until Christmas?!?!).

A new picture of the stocking as it is right now ~

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Stocking Progress

A quick update on how the stocking is progressing. Although I did not meet my first goal of having the stocking done by this weekend, I am happy enough with how much I have gotten done so far. My new goal is to get the stocking to the point that I can hang it up this coming weekend. It will not be finished at that point, but at least it will be up. I will still have a snowman to make and put in Santa’s arms and a couple more 3D type details to add. As long as that is done before Christmas, I think that will be good.

My plans for Christmas sewing keep shrinking. It seems that this time of year just flies by and before you know it there is no time to sew all the things you planned to. Next year I will start in the summer! I am still hoping to make my nephews superhero capes, but have now taken the homemade pajamas for my girls off the list. Next year.

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