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On Having a 2-Year-Old

My youngest daughter recently turned two.  Wow!  She is 2!

My first two daughters were shy, quiet and reasonably well-behaved 2 year-olds and I knew I was so lucky for that!  I also always knew if I had a third, there was no way that could happen again.   It looks like I was right!

The screaming, kicking, head-banging, tantruming child that you see at the mall (or the park, or the beach, or the grocery store… or anywhere else), that would be my child.  Some days (like today)  I swear there is no more than 10 minutes at a time where she is happy and not tantruming!

Things that currently define my 2-year old…

She will only wear her Cars pajamas to bed.

She will only wear her Fillmore shirt (A Cars character) if I tell her she HAS to get dressed because we are going out.

She lives in her swimsuit.

She wants her pacifier most of the day and if you tell her  ‘no, its only for bedtime’…well, be prepared for one major tantrum!

If you tell her ‘no’ to anything, she will start banging her head on the floor…. then cry because it hurt her head. (Insert rolling eyes here)

She only runs.

And climbs.

If she is not completely satisfied with something, she will scream at a pitch that will almost certainly leave you deaf. (Perhaps I should consider buying earplugs?)

She sings.  Almost constantly.  She sings about her clothes.  She sings about her supper.  She sings about her bath.  She sings… whenever she is not throwing a tantrum.

She likes to wear sunglasses.  This is actually a really good thing, but it looks a little funny when she wears them in the house.  She is always ready for the beach – in her swimsuit and sunglasses.

She does not like tomatoes.

If she finds money (change), it must be hers.  And she must be taken to a fountain immediately so that she can make a wish (for a happy day).  If you won’t take her to the fountain (in the teleporter that she expects you to own)… well… there will be another king sized tantrum.

Oh yes… my child is 2.  She is soooooooo 2.  There is no mistaking it.

I love her to bits.

Lucky for her.

When she is happy, she is an absolute delight.  She is a ham and will do anything to make someone laugh.  She loves to flash her cheesy grin.  She is an absolute doll.

You just have to catch her at the right moment.


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A Blogging Break

It looks like I will be taking a blogging break.

My days have been absolutely jam-packed.  The kids are out of school for the summer, which keeps me busy planning activities to do with them and taking them to the odd summer camp.  I have been working hard to sew a bit of inventory to sell.   Add in a kid with a new mystery allergy and the regular household chores and well…  there is just no energy left in me  for blogging.

I’ll try to get a few posts up in these summer months. I won’t disappear completely.  It will just be a little quieter.

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Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Today, my baby turned 2!

These past two years have gone by so quickly.  I have watched my beautiful, precious newborn baby grow into a happy, energetic, thoughtful, polite, kind 2-year-old.  She really is so sweet!

She charms everyone she meets.  She says hi to strangers and always remembers her please and thank yous (all the elderly ladies love this and she gets so much attention and love for this!).  She shares well with her sisters and her friends, but will also tell them when she has had enough.  She loves to cuddle and gives great hugs.  Last week, with no prompting, she looked at me and told me she loved me.

It is amazing to me how this little person enters your life and in an instant it is like they have always been there.  I don’t remember what life was like without her.  She is such a blessing to our family.  She was the piece we needed to complete our family.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!  We are so proud of you and all you have become already.  We love you so much!

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I have recently started to sew an inventory of sorts, with intentions to start selling some of my sewing.

As many of you know, being a stay at home mom is a great job, but one that comes with no pay.  We do okay as a one income family, but it’s always nice to have a bit more money coming in for things like going to the movies, going on vacation and replacing old, worn-out furniture.

I have been happily sewing away and having a great time.  That is, of course, most important.  I have also been looking at similar products available for sale online, to get an idea of where pricing is for these handmade items.  I find myself wondering – do these crafters make anything at all?!  Some items are priced at less than what I would pay for materials alone.  Most would earn $1 or $2 over material costs alone.  I certainly never ventured this way to make myself rich –  just a bit of extra money.

I wonder how others figure out their prices?  I also wonder if fabric is something that is found for a much lower cost in the U.S. (I am in Canada)?

So, I am putting this out there for you all to read and offer me your experience. Do you craft for profit?  How do you decide on your pricing?  Any tips for someone starting out?

Thanks to all my family, friends and readers for their support and tips along my way to learning to sew.  Thanks for your support and encouragement now.  You keep me going.

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Toddler Tuesday will be late this week. I hope to get it up tomorrow. With my big kids home for summer vacation, it is not always easy to get my posts up on time. Stayed tuned though, it is coming!

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The Cowgirl Blanket

I found this really cute pink cowgirl fabric this past week. It was way too cute to leave at the fabric shop!

I also had this great pink flannel with brown dots fabric at home. I decided to make a sweet little baby blanket.

A little decorative stitching around the edges….

A super sweet blanket for a little cowgirl.

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Sometimes, the simplest things are the best.  This is definitely the case with ‘painting’ the fence.  A great summer activity that will entertain your little one for a long time.

All you need in a bucket, a paintbrush and some water.  Just fill the bucket with water and give your little one a paintbrush.  Show them how to paint the fence, then let them at it!

If you don’t have a fence, you can paint the side of the house, the driveway, or anything that will change colour when wet.

So simple and so much fun!

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