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Sugar Cleanse – Day 2

An email arrives in my inbox this morning.  A friend letting me know that her daughter is selling Girl Guide cookies.  The yummy chocolate mint ones.   I *love* the chocolate mint ones!  I told her I would buy some.  I find myself wondering if I should buy some and just put them in the freezer.  Who am I kidding?  There is no way I wouldn’t eat them frozen!!  They might even be more yummy that way!  I am going to have to let her down this time.  No cookies for me.  The temptation would be much too great.

I am feeling fine today.  Tired, but that is nothing super unusual for me.  I usually have one or two kids up during the night.  I go to bed too late.  We don’t sleep in.

I haven’t been having any major sugar cravings this morning.  Last night I was wanting a cup of tea (with milk and sugar!).   Today has been the same.  Just craving a warm cup of tea…. which I usually drink with sugar.  I have noticed that I seem to be feeling hungry more.  I guess I’m used to a sweet something to end a meal.

Hoping for a good day tomorrow.  I know day 3 is often the hardest.


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Today I started a sugar cleanse.

I am not doing a strict no-fruit, no wheat, etc.. sugar cleanse.  I am just avoiding sugar and sweets.  I crave them insanely and usually give in.  I am a sugar addict.

So as of today, no sugar for me.

I am allowing myself a bit of dessert for Thanksgiving (here in Canada it is Oct 11th).  I am going to try my best to close my eyes around Halloween.  With 3 kids in the house, I’m not sure how easy that will be to do.  We then have a parade of birthdays and I will probably have a bit of cake on those days.  I am okay with that.  I won’t eat any on other days though.

What brought this on?  Digestive issues, energy issues, mood issues and recently monthly yeast infections (sorry, TMI!).

How am I doing today?  Well, I am going crazy!  I have a bunch of almonds in the cupboard because I know protein helps a lot with sugar cravings.  I’m going to be enjoying more popcorn for the next bit.   I’m also going to try to drink more water and get more exercise (I restart that plan almost weekly!!).

Want to join me?  I would love the support!

Check back often to see how I am doing.  I will probably be writing during my worst sugar craving moments to try to distract myself!!

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Learning to bead is a great activity for young children.  It helps to develop the fine motor skills that are essential for writing (and many other things!).

With young toddlers, I like to use pipe cleaners instead of string or yarn.  The pipe cleaners stand nice and straight, allowing your toddler to get the bead threaded more easily.  I start by placing one bead on the end, and then bending the pipe cleaner to hold it in place.  This stops the beads from sliding off the end, which can be very frustrating for a toddler.

Another thing I have learnt from experience is to only put out a small amount of beads at a time.  Why?  Because if they spill (and oh yes they will!), you will have a lot less to clean up.   Also, when there are a lot of beads in the container, kids tend to dig through to find their favourites, making the spill even more likely.

I like to use ‘pony beads’ with this age group, but really, any bead with a large hole is great.

When your little one is done, you can leave it as it is, take it apart for them to do again (if that won’t cause great distress!) or turn it into a bracelet.

Happy beading!

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I just realized it’s Toddler Tuesday and I haven’t posted anything for you!  I have it ready to go, but need to find time to get the post finished and up.  So stay tuned… it is coming!

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Just because it is a cloudy, rainy day…

And just because I thought it would be nice…

I am surprising my daughters with some homemade cupcakes after school.

Oddly, it’s my first time making cupcakes from scratch.  I usually just buy the packaged mixes when I make them.

These cupcakes are wonderful, simple cupcakes.  No fancy swirls.  No pretty fondant creations.  Just homemade (and lumpy) frosting that tastes like fudge.

The kids will love it!

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We’re starting to see all the wonderful signs of fall here.  The leaves are changing colour and just starting to fall from the trees. The air is getting cooler and there has been an increase in the amount of rainy days.  We’ve been enjoying watching squirrels gather acorns and bury them in the ground to save for cooler days.

Our acorn tree is dropping tons of acorns right now and my 2-year-old has been loving filling her bucket with them.

Acorns are fun to play with and great to learn with!

We enjoyed a game of Acorn Toss the other day.  It’s easy to play and all you need is some acorns and a stick.  Just lay the stick on the ground, then stand back a little and try to toss the acorns past the stick.  I like to start really close so that it’s really easy to do.  Once your little one gets the idea of the game, move back a bit and try from further away.  Keep increasing the distance and challenge your little one to throw as far as they can.  This is fun to play with siblings too!

Counting acorns is a great educational way to use acorns.  Gather some acorns with your little one then count them.  Try letting them count on their own first – you might be surprised by how high they can count!  Then count together.

I also like to play a sorting game with acorns.  When you gather your acorns, make sure you gather the little acorns hats too.  Give your child two containers and have them sort the acorns into ‘hats’ and nuts.

All of these activities teach early math skills. The Acorn Toss and sorting games are great for problem solving. I love using things in nature to teach my kids!

I’m a little acorn brown

Sitting on the cold, cold ground.

Someone came and stepped on me.

That is why I’m cracked, you see.

I’m a nut. I’m a nut. I’m a nut.

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A Dress For Me

I have been sewing so much.  Most of it to sell.  A little for my children.  But sometimes I need to sew something just for me!

This summer, I made myself a dress.

I used McCall’s M6354.

This pattern was easy to follow and and I love how it turned out.  I don’t totally love how it looks and feels on me though.

I’ve discovered that sewing children’s clothing is much easier than sewing women’s.  Children have that nice straight shape.  Women are curvy.  Some more than others.  Some more in some places, some more in others.  I can understand why people make a muslin.  I am lazy and really don’t want to sew something twice.  Maybe one day.  If I get frustrated enough about things not fitting me well.

Looking at the picture, the dress looks lovely.  When I have it on, I feel very housewife-ish.  And yes, I am a housewife right now…

I have another dress I hope to make for myself very soon.  I hope I like the results even better.  Wish me luck!

Have you made anything for yourself lately?

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