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Creating 100

I’ve recently joined a group on Facebook called Creating 100 or More.

This is a group for those of us who have a lot items in our stash – be it yarn, fabric or whatever.  As a member of the group, you try to not buy any more fabric, yarn, etc until you have made at least 100 items using what you already have on hand.  The idea is to use up some of that stash!

This group is exactly what I need!  Although I have bought a lot of fabric and yarn, I have probably been given about triple the amount I have bought for myself.  I have kept the fabric and yarn, even when it’s not my favourite because it could be used for something.  And yet, there it still sits on my shelf.


We get to create our own guidelines, so for myself, if I need thread or a zipper, etc for part of a project, it is okay for me to buy that.  I am going to try to sew from my own patterns and free ones online as much as possible, but I may buy a pattern or two if I need it.

Want to join me?  I would love the company!  I plan to share some of my projects here with you and I hope it will offer you with some inspiration.

I have started a board on Pinterest called Sewing with Scraps.  I have also started adding projects using scrap yarn and single skeins of yarn to my crochet board.  There are so many great ideas out there!  You can follow me on Pinterest here.

Happy crafting!


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It’s been a while since I have written.

So much has been going on around here.  Changes have been happening.  This blog has been put on the back burner.

I am hoping in the New Year to get into a routine and to find time for blogging again.

(photo via Pinterest)

My poor sewing machine has been fairly quiet recently.  Inspiration and desire has been low, but I know it is just a bump in the road.  I love sewing.

(photo via Pinterest)

I have been crocheting and trying to teach myself to knit (again).

(photo via Pinterest)

Starting next week, I will more than likely be homeschooling one of my children.

It will take time for us to adjust to our new routine.  I’m unsure as to what will happen with the business I have been working over the past few months to start.  There will be adjustments to be made (and remade) in our routines.  But I am excited for the changes.  We have a new direction in life that we are headed into and I think that this new path will only bring us wonderful things.  I am nervous for the time it takes us to adjust, but I am confident the end result will be fabulous!

I hope that I will find time to come here and share with you what I have been making.  I hope to share inspiration and maybe even a little of our homeschooling adventures.  So keep checking in, I’ll be back in the New Year with things to share!

Happy New Year to you all!

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As you may already know, we recently moved our 21 month old into a toddler bed.  This transition has not gone well and we are still struggling with getting her to stay in her bed and lay down to sleep. Due to current family situation, we are not at a point where we can let her cry and cry and cry.

The past couple weeks, I have sat in the rocking chair in her room reminding her to lay down and go to sleep.  And while I sit, I have been crocheting.

I am making granny squares.  I don’t need to read the pattern any more.  I can just make them now.

My husband and I were actually fighting over who got to sit in the chair!  With 3 kids and a very busy schedule, the quiet time has been nice for us.  Unfortunately, at least with Mommy, this has not lasted.

Earlier this week, she started repeatedly getting out of her bed and climbing up on my lap and telling me she needed a cuddle.  I would lay her back down and lay her back down, but eventually would break down and rub her back for a minute and she would be asleep.

So I have moved out of her room and am now sitting in the hall outside of her room – where the laundry is.  Although it is a great time to get this never-ending chore done, I think I preferred crocheting.

She is still getting out of her bed and I am still putting her back in.  This process repeats again and again and again.  She usually gets so upset that I give in and rub her back for a minute and then she is out.  I know.  I’m a softy.

We will start sleep training soon.  I will just keep laying her down – even throughout the night – until she stays in her bed and sleeps.  I’m not looking forward to it.  I don’t like sleep training.  ‘She just wants a cuddle and to be close to her Mommy’ I tell myself.  I need to get more sleep though.  So does she.

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It was a busy weekend at our house (as usual).  This weekend was filled with catching up on chores (both inside and out) and my parents were visiting from out-of-town.  I did manage to find some time to crochet though.

Oddly enough, now that we are starting to see some sun and warmer weather, I have been wanting to dig into my yarn.   I did a couple quick projects – two I have been wanting to try.

The first thing I made was this cozy looking cowl.

It looks way better on than it does laying on my counter.  The pattern (which I got here ) calls for medium weight yarn.  I used two different yarns held together for mine.  I love how warm and cozy this is!

I also made a baby hat.  I used the pattern for the ‘Emily Hat’ by Jennie Harrell.  I was watching a movie when I made it and think I lost count of my rounds.  My hat ended up shorter than the ones shown with the pattern, but is still super cute!

I love the simple edge on this hat and the pretty flower.  I also love that it only took an hour to make the hat.  Maybe that’s not so quick though – I am still very new with crochet.

I am hoping to do a bit more crocheting  in the next while.  I have a box full of mostly grey yarn, but also white, off-white, red and green.  Not much colour selection, but I think it would be a good idea to use some of it up before I consider buying any more yarn.

What have you been working on?

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The Apple Hat

I know you were all wondering what I have been making with that yarn I pulled out.  I won’t leave you in suspense any longer.  Here is the Apple Hat!

I had to pull it apart and restart it three times before I got the size right, but now it’s done and it is so cute!  I was hoping it would fit my toddler in the fall, but it fits her right now.  She loves it and walks around with it on her head saying ‘Ah-O’ (apple) over and over.  Maybe it will stretch out a bit and fit her in the fall too.


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Look what I pulled out this weekend!


It’s been a long time since I crocheted anything.  I’m actually still very much a beginner.  I have made some scarfs, some half-sucessful hats and a really beautiful, warm blanket for my husband.

I have this box of yarn that sits in my closet and it was looking pretty lonely collecting dust in there.  Time to dig it out and make something!  With any luck, I will have something to show you within the next couple of days.

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