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Welcome Spring!

It has been a longer rainy and cold season here than we are used to.  Certainly, we have nothing to complain about compared to other parts of our country, but it has been a slow start to spring nonetheless.

We were lucky to have a bit of sun peek through the clouds today and my youngest daughter and I enjoyed some time outdoors.

Our lilac bush has flowers and they are starting to open and release their sweet perfume.  I can’t get enough of their beautiful smell!

The bluebells are out and adding nice colour to our garden.

The oregano is bursting from all the rain we have been having!  The rosemary is looking beautiful in bloom.  It seems we have a lot of purples and blues in our garden right now.

And what would a morning outside be without a visit to our friendly neighborhood urban chicken?

I don’t know who enjoys visiting ‘Helen’ more – my toddler or myself!  I grew up on a hobby farm and visiting this beautiful chicken fills me with warm memories of living in the country.

I hope that more sunny days are on their way.


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Let the Weeding Begin!

We have been so lucky to have some beautiful, sunny Spring days this week!

I managed to get outside and start weeding.  We have completely neglected our backyard and garden boxes for the part couple years.  It will be a lot of work, but I am really looking forward to cleaning it up and planting some veggies.

I managed to almost finish weeding two of our garden boxes (we only have 3).


The next area I hope to tackle is this garden area along the fence.

As much work as it will be, I get super excited to weed in a very overgrown garden like this.  The change that takes place is always so amazing!  Unfortunately, the mint in this garden strangled my poor lavender.  I think it might be beyond saving, but will find out once I get in there.

Don’t you just love Spring?  What are you planting this year?

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