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Does your family have a game night?  We love game night in our home.  It’s a really great way to connect with your kids and have fun together.

I have started introducing board games to our 2-year-old this past month and she has been loving it!

We play Alphabet Bingo almost daily.  She loves it and I love that she is learning her letters.  You can find free printable bingo cards here.  I am only doing upper case letters with her right now.  Once her recognition is good, I will try her with lower case.

Another game she is really enjoying right now is Elefun.  There is no reading required for this game.  Just turn the elephant game on and catch the butterflies.  Each player is supposed to catch the colour of butterfly that matches their net, but we just try to catch any colour.  They can be pretty hard to catch. Usually my toddler just picks them up off the ground and puts them in her net.  This is a great game for a rainy day!  I will warn you though, this game goes through batteries like crazy!!

Although we don’t play it as the game is meant to be played, my toddler has been really enjoying playing Connect 4.  She loves dropping the little chips into the slots.  It takes a bit of coordination.  Sometimes I will drop a chip into a row and then ask her to drop a chip into the same row.  It’s fun to watch her try to figure out which slot she needs to drop the chip into to get it into the same row as mine.

Memory is another great game to play with your toddler.  Start with a small amount of cards and increase slowly as your child’s ability allows.  You can find free printable cards for your Memory game here.

There are lots of great games out there that can be adapted so your toddler can play.  Take a look in your game cupboard (do any families besides mine have these?) and see what you can find.  Happy playing!


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Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate with your toddler.

Colouring pages are a quick and easy project for a quiet afternoon.  A good selection can be found here.

Some Halloween crafts you can do with your toddler –

Tissue Ghosts – I got my toddler to crumple up a piece of tissue into a ball and then I covered it and made the ghost shape.  I asked her if she wanted the ghost to have a happy face, silly face or scary face and drew them on for her.  She even tried drawing a couple herself!

Halloween Hunt – Cut out some Halloween shapes (ghosts, pumpkins, witches hats) and hide them around the room.  Show your child where a couple are hiding, then encourage them to find more.  This one is a huge hit!

Halloween stories  and rhymes to share –

A paper story to tell – This is one of my favourites and the kids are absolutely amazed by this the first time they see it!  Make sure you have more than one orange paper hanging around!

I love Corduroy stories – this one is no exception.  Great for toddlers, this book talks about all the fun (and not scary) parts of Halloween.

An Adorable lift-the-flap book to introduce your toddler to the traditions of Halloween – from carving pumpkins to trick-or-treating!

I like to do 5 Little Pumpkins as a felt story (rhyme), but thought I would post a video of it for you to enjoy.

This next video I am including because my 2-year-old absolutely loves it!  It might be scary for some children, so please preview it before showing it to your child.

Other activities that can be fun are visiting a pumpkin patch, making a scarecrow and, of course, carving a jack-o-lantern.

Happy Halloween!!

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My toddler loves being read to.  Some books interest her more than others.  I thought I would share a few of her current favourites today.

This is a hilarious book!  The pigeon spends the entire book trying to convince you ( the reader) that he should be allowed to drive the bus!  I had to tell my toddler to tell him ‘No!’ throughout the book, but after the first time, she gladly shouts ‘no!’ at him!  A great book!  Sure to give your little one the giggles!

This book (and others from this same collection) are so much fun!  This look and find book is a great book to enjoy on a rainy day.  Each page has items to find and the back of the book offers extras for finding.  We read this book every day at our house!

A young boy named Mortimer is put to bed and once alone starts to sing a noisy song.  Everyone comes up and tells him to be quiet and yet he keeps singing!  Although written for more of the preschool age group, my daughter has taken a huge liking to this story and loves singing the song!

What has your toddler been enjoying reading lately?

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Don’t you love Fall?    I just love all the colours of fall and all the warm and cozy feelings that come with it.

This week, I decided to do a fall leaf craft for the girls.  I just cut some leaves out of constructions paper and put them out with some glue.

I like to use popsicle sticks for glue spreaders.  They work really well and can be used for other crafts too.

The girls had a great time with this activity and made many pictures.  I love how simple things are sometimes the most fun!

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Sometimes, it rains.  And sometimes that rain means you are stuck inside for the day.  Sometimes, you realize you were not quite prepared for this rainy day.

So what do you do?

You start looking in your kitchen cupboards.  There is always fun in there.

We went looking in the kitchen, and we found bran.  Yup, bran.  If you have flour, that will work.  Or rice, or beans, or popcorn kernels.   It’s all good!

Whatever you find, grab some containers, spoons and any other fun utensils.  My toddler likes to help with this part, much to my dismay.  Okay, I really don’t mind that much.  She just likes to pull out so much!

Filling, scooping, pouring – it’s all great fun!  One thing I always do with these types of activities is to put a large towel or blanket on the floor.  It creates and area for the mess and I find the kids will keep the mess to that area.  I have tried getting them to keep it in the containers, but that never seems to last long.  The blanket always works.  And I never even have to tell them it stays on the blanket.  They just keep it there.

Don’t you love how some of the best activities are simple and inexpensive?

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Learning to bead is a great activity for young children.  It helps to develop the fine motor skills that are essential for writing (and many other things!).

With young toddlers, I like to use pipe cleaners instead of string or yarn.  The pipe cleaners stand nice and straight, allowing your toddler to get the bead threaded more easily.  I start by placing one bead on the end, and then bending the pipe cleaner to hold it in place.  This stops the beads from sliding off the end, which can be very frustrating for a toddler.

Another thing I have learnt from experience is to only put out a small amount of beads at a time.  Why?  Because if they spill (and oh yes they will!), you will have a lot less to clean up.   Also, when there are a lot of beads in the container, kids tend to dig through to find their favourites, making the spill even more likely.

I like to use ‘pony beads’ with this age group, but really, any bead with a large hole is great.

When your little one is done, you can leave it as it is, take it apart for them to do again (if that won’t cause great distress!) or turn it into a bracelet.

Happy beading!

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I just realized it’s Toddler Tuesday and I haven’t posted anything for you!  I have it ready to go, but need to find time to get the post finished and up.  So stay tuned… it is coming!

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