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Are you excited to see what I did with my scraps?

Well, I sorted, tossed, pressed and in some cases cut my scraps.  And here is what I have now…

Now I have to either put them in a drawer, or box, or ??

Want to see some of the fun stuff in there?

Some fun border print –

And fabric to match it.

Some lace edging –

And some really fun retro stuff!

And my personal favourite –

How can you not love that hair??!?!

I also promised you a giveaway!  It’s not much, but if you like little bits and pieces, perhaps there is something here for you.

Prize #1 –  Mixed Strips

Prize #2 – Michael Miller’s Gypsy Caravan -Tiny Squares and Strips

Let me know which prize you would like.  I will ship to anywhere in Canada and the U.S.   Winner will be chosen August 31st.

Tip Junkie handmade projects


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Although I enjoy sharing some of my favourite things, I am not enjoying writing them down every Friday as much as I had hoped.  No worries though.

So, I am going to continue to write about my sewing  journey, and sometimes baking, but I will also write about other interesting things I find on the web – just not always on Friday.  I’m sure I must have more to share than I do, so I am going to try to write more often.

Other than doing some seam ripping on my attempted summer pajama bottoms, I have spent the past two days cleaning and organizing.

A lot of what I had to clean up was my fabric stash.  I had a bunch of fabric freebies that I acquired and they were taking over.  Fabric was spilling all over the hall closet and on our bedroom floor.  Yesterday, I sorted it all into colours and then into solids and patterns and put them all neatly away in containers.  I labelled the containers and stacked them all in the back of my closet.  Now, we can get into the hall closet again to get to the puzzles and board games (yay!) and my bedroom actually looks clean for a change.

We are supposed to be getting some sunny days this weekend, so I spent today cleaning up our deck.  It was covered in dirt, pine needles, empty plant pots, kids toys and  clothes pegs.  I cleaned up and put away all the toys and plant pots.  I gave the deck a good sweep, I picked up the clothes pegs and threw out the mildewy, rusty and broken ones.  The clothes pegs had made a stain of rust on our deck, so I got out a scrub brush and scrubbed it clean.  I ran out to the store, bought a clothes peg bag, a pack of new clothes pegs and an outdoor tablecloth for our stained hand-me-down deck table.  I planted some flowers in a long planter box.  It took a great deal of my day today and it felt so good to get it done!  I am looking forward to enjoying some time out there this weekend.  I hope the weatherman is right and we finally get some sun!!!

It always feels so good to get things clean and organized!

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Well, not much sewing going on these days. We have a busy household and are even busier now as we are in the process of decluttering, organizing and even painting in our home!

Here are this week’s Friday Favourites:

1) The Griffin and Sabine Series by Nick Bantock. Have you read these? I have read them a few times and I love them! They are written in the form of postcards and letters, so you are ‘snooping’ to learn the story of the characters. The artwork is beautiful as well. If you haven’t read it yet, you might want to give it a try. It is a super fast read and you will have no problem fitting this reading into your busy life.

2) I wish I found this pattern before Easter!

Isn’t it the cutest bunny?  Perfect for a baby!  You could even put a bell or a rattle inside it!  And the best part?  It’s made from a recycled T-shirt!  Gotta love it!  You can find the tutorial for this clever little project over at Chez Beeper Bebe.  Looks like a great blog and I’m thinking it might be a new one for me to follow – like I need more!!!  She has a great little Etsy shop too where you can buy some of the many wonderful things this lady makes.

3) Another thing to add to my list of things I want to make – fabric boxes!

I really like that you can make them in any colour or pattern that you can find at the fabric store (or online!).  I like that they are soft and if one of your kids decided to whack one of their siblings on the head with it, maybe there won’t be quite so many tears.  I like that they appear to be relatively easy to make.  There is a great little tutorial at It’s All About the Journey… The picture here shows the boxes that she made.

4) Menu Plan Monday at I am an Organizing Junkie.  If you are ever in a meal rut and need something new, just head to this site.  There are literally hundreds of meal plans you can access!  I am so grateful for this site!!!

5) When your day has been crazy busy and you are just exhausted.  The kids are finally in bed and as you tip toe past the bedrooms, you see one of the most beautiful things in the world and it makes everything completely worthwhile…….

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