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Sew Much Fun!

I recently decided that I wanted to try my hand at sewing.  I have been having so much fun teaching myself to sew.   Of course, every project seems to have little mistakes in them, but it’s all part of the learning process, right?

I have three daughters and have been happily sewing things for them.   They love that they get new things when Mom is sewing and I love that my girls get to have beautiful one of a kind clothing.

After sewing that first pair of pajama bottoms for myself (the classic first sewing project!), I made this skirt for one of my daughters – http://www.kukyideas.com/journal/2006/07/tiered-skirt-tutorial.html .   It turned out pretty good, although I sewed on the wrong side of the gathered fabric and ended up catching some of the skirt fabric into the seam.  I could have pulled out the seam and sewn the skirt again, but with the gathering, I decided that it was hidden enough and wasn’t worth the time to rip out all the seams.  Of course, now I know which side should be up when sewing gathers!

My next project was another online tutorial.  Another beautiful skirt – http://houseonhillroad.typepad.com/photos/twirly_skirt/ .   This is a great skirt, but I ended up making a mistake in the waistband that caused me a lot of grief when it came time to put the elastic and drawstring in.  After making this I swore I would never make another one.  Now that I’ve had a bit of time since making it, I think I will try it again one day because it really is very, very pretty.

I am now making a sweet little two piece summer set for my baby.   So far it is coming along pretty good.  I am almost done the bottoms.  I will be taking a bit of a break before I make the top though.  A friend is having a birthday soon and I would like to make her something special.  I am still trying to decide what that will be……..

Well, I’d better go tackle a few household chores while the baby sleeps.  When the house is clean, it means I get more time to sew!


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