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A Sneak Peek

Remember that beautiful Michael Miller fabric I bought?  Well, I have started sewing with it.  I won’t show you what I have been making with it yet, but I will give you a tiny peek.



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This week, we decided to do some gluing.

I had these foam flowers leftover from a Hawaiian themed birthday party we did here last year. I just put some white glue into a container, gave my daughter a paintbrush (you can also use a glue spreader, or a Q-tip), some paper and the foam flowers. We use a paintbrush for spreading glue on the paper. I always seem to have a lot of small paintbrushes in the house and they really do work well for this.

Foam shapes are fairly inexpensive and are easy for toddlers to grab on to.  If you don’t have any white glue, you can use a glue stick.  It  works just as well.

Activities like painting and gluing are great for developing fine motor skills and creativity.

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Summer Pajamas

About a week and a half ago,  I made a top from the summer nighty pattern in One Yard Wonders.   This past weekend, I made some bottoms to match.

I used the Easy-Fit Pants pattern found here.  These really were super fast and simple to make.  I made myself a medium, but I found the legs quite wide, so I think that I may do a size small next time.  The ones I made are capri length.

The combination of the wide pants and the top with the larger bottom to it makes these pajamas a little too… well… maternity like.  I am considering cutting the pants down and making them into shorts instead, or I might keep the pants to wear with another top and just make a pair of shorts to match this top.  Decisions, decisions…

Overall, I feel that these two items are fairly well sewn.  I just don’t particularly care for the way they fit me.  It’s all a part of the learning process though, isn’t it?

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Have you been joining us on our colour weeks?  We have been having a lot of fun learning about colours here.

Today, we were playing a colour game using the game board from Twister.  My toddler absolutely loved this!

Stand on a yellow circle!

Stand on a blue circle… a green one… etc…

How about we use body parts?  Put your hands on a green circle!  Put your head on a red circle! (This one got tons of giggles)  Put your knees on a yellow circle!

We also did actions – bunny hop on the green circle, turn round and round on the blue circle, etc..

So grab yourself a Twister game board and have fun reviewing some of the colours your little one has been learning! 

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I just realized that today is already Wednesday and I never posted anything for Toddler Tuesday! I do have a good excuse for you though – it was a holiday on Monday (Victoria Day) so Tuesday seemed like a Monday.  Also, I have been entering all the giveaways found over at Sew Mama Sew! Wow! A lot of talent out there! A huge thanks to all those offering up some goodies!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a late “Toddler Tuesday”.

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I decided to sew something for myself the other night.  I chose the ‘summer nightie’ pattern from the book One Yard Wonders.

This was pretty simple to sew and it took me about 2 hours to measure, cut and sew.  I chose to do the top pieces in a medium size.  They are a little roomy, but I think I would do them that size again but then overlap them to allow for a bit of extra coverage.

I was hoping to double this top as a summer shirt, but a simple mistake (that I don’t care to take the time to fix) made me decide that this will be a pajama top only.

Do you see the mistake?

How about now?

If you’ve made this pattern before you might be more likely to notice it.  See the shoulder straps?  They are coming from the outside of the top.  They should be coming from the inside.   This is causing the straps to bend in order to land on my shoulders and also affects the way the top fits.  I really didn’t feel it made enough of a difference to fix it I were to wear them for pajamas.  So I’m leaving it.

Next up?  Bottoms to match!

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This week we are learning about the colour orange.

I didn’t feel like messy art this week, so I decided to do squish painting. This is a great way to learn about mixing colours and is toddler friendly.

To do squish painting (this is my name for it), you need a ziploc bag (I like to use freezer bags because they are stronger), red and yellow paint and duct tape (this is optional but I certainly recommend it!). Put some red and yellow paint in the bag, in opposite corners, close the bag and seal it with duct tape to help keep it closed.

Now let your toddler squish the bag!

You can also make simple pictures using your finger.

While having all this fun squishing, your little one is making orange!

For snacks this week, we will be enjoying oranges, fish crackers, cheese and carrots.

My toddler and I have been enjoying reading I Feel Orange Today by Patricia Godwin.

This book is actually about feelings.  I like how it relates feelings to colours.   Often our toddlers act out in anger and frustration when they are having a hard time expressing how they feel.  Learning the names of feelings is a first step in managing these emotions.

Orange is the color of so many things I see.
Would you like to sing a little song with me?
Orange juice and orange cheese,
Orange carrots, if you please.
Orange pumpkins, orange leaves,
Let’s sing a song of orange.

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