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Ideas for Home Sewing

So, one of the benefits of closing my shop is that there will be more time for sewing all the other things I have been wanting to sew!  Today I want to share some home sewing inspiration.

I am so in love with this cute little table runner from Moda Bake Shop.


I think a bird pillow like this one from Bless would be such a great addition to the couch.


This pillow is one I want to make for my husband who loves VW vans.  Thanks Tula Pink for this amazing pattern!


I have been wanting to make one of these love trees, seen at The Modern Lady, for my husband as an anniversary gift since I first saw it.  Now might be the time to finally get started on it.


And let’s not forget a quilt.  I have been wanting to learn for a long time and I can’t wait to have a quilt or two in my home.  This quilt tutorial over at Tip Junkie looks great!


Have you made any great stuff for your home?  I would love to hear about it!





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Is Anyone Out There?

I didn’t think I would be headed back here.  Life is busy and over the past couple of years it has gotten busier.

I opened an Etsy shop and learnt SO much and had a lot of fun.  My girls have been growing.  My baby is now 4 and my oldest is in middle school!!  And in all the busy-ness of running a family and a shop at the same time, I wasn’t spending enough time taking care of me.  The housework was not getting done.  I was spending all my free time sewing, photographing, writing ads, etc..  My family time was reduced to a very small amount of time.  And guess what?  I was getting exhausted, burnt out, and was constantly frustrated by the state of my home and how behind I always seemed to be with everything,

And so today, I announced the closing of my shop.

It was a really hard decision to make, but in the end, I think it was the right one for me.  At least for now.

I’m really excited to have time to sew for my home, myself, my family and my friends again.  I’m excited to have time to learn some new sewing skills.  I’m excited to clean, declutter and organize my home and create a more relaxing and happier space.

And I want to be able to come here from time to time and share tips, tricks, stories and inspiration.  I’m not sure what direction this space will take on, but I’m happy just to have it here and to stop by when time allows.  Maybe it will evolve into a theme, or maybe it will just be random talk.  So, if anyone’s out there, I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your tips, tricks and stories too.

Welcome (back) to my little blog.

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